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Toronto's newest park and talk of the town, the Aga Khan Park encompasses both the Aga Khan Museum and the Ismaili Centre, Toronto, and offers a broad range of cultural and community activities. The Aga Khan Park aims to provide an experience like no other, with innovative programming ranging from large public events, exceptional art, music & unique food flavours, talks by distinguished speakers, and much, much more. See you soon at the Aga Khan Park!

Nuit Blanche 2017

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Nuit Blanche 2017

On Saturday, September 30, the Aga Khan Museum presents an immersive evening of unforgettable programming during Nuit Blanche, Toronto’s annual all-night art event.

From 7 pm Saturday to 6 am Sunday in the Aga Khan Park, experience the Canadian premiere of a monumental multimedia installation by acclaimed New York-based artist Shahzia Sikander. The dazzling Disruption as Rapture features animated miniature illustrations from an 18th-century manuscript of the Gulshan-i ’Ishq ("Rose Garden of Love").*

At 7 pm in the Ismaili Centre, Toronto, across from the Aga Khan Museum, Sikander discusses her Nuit Blanche installation and her practice as a contemporary artist from Pakistan.

From 8 pm Saturday to 6 am Sunday, enjoy free performances by award-winning indie bands and renowned international artists, including:

  • Doomsquad
  • Members of Yamantaka // Sonic Titan
  • Ben Shemie from Suuns
  • Sufi music and whirling in celebration of the 810th anniversary of Rumi’s birthday

Plus, the rare chance to experience sunrise raags, and more.

Performances take place in the Aga Khan Museum courtyard and auditorium, as well as in the communal spaces of two Mongolian yurts, traditional nomadic structures, installed for Nuit Blanche in the Aga Khan Park. For performance venues, times, and details, see schedule below.

On Nuit Blanche, from 7 pm to midnight, admission to the Aga Khan Museum galleries is by contribution.

*A scene from a 17th-century version of the Gulshan-i ‘Ishq, the story interpreted in Disruption as Rapture, will be on display in the Museum’s first-floor gallery.

All performances are subject to change.

For the performance and shuttle schedules, please visit

Shahzia Sikander installation supported by

Hal Jackman Foundation; The Kololian Foundation

Presented in partnership with

Ontario 150; Ontario; Ontario Arts Council; Modern Niagara Building Services; Ismaili Centre, Toronto; Rumi Canada; Raag-Mala Toronto

Image courtesy of Guggenheim Museum Bilabao